Idly & Dosa Batter

There are times when tummy rumbles and grumbles and if you don't want to go for something heavy, but looking for something that keeps you working and energetic. A staple and delicious food Idly and Dosa has become popular not just in South India, but also around the world. It indeed feels lighter in your tummy and great on your palate, because our batter has noting other than Black Lentil (Urud Dal/Uzhunnu), Rice, Purified Water and natural Rock Salt (Kalluppu), making iy a healthy, savory option.


Chapathi is an unleavened flatbread from the Indian Subcontinentc and popular staple in India, Nepal. Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, East Africa and the Caribbean. Chapati is made of whole wheat flour dough known as "ATTA" by mixing it with water and optional salt and is cooked on a "tava" (flat skillet). At Maa Fresh , we use the highest quality wheat flour to give our customers soft, fluffy chapathi that can be eaten alone or with choice of dips, spreads or curries.